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 投稿者:Edward Wootenメール  投稿日:2011年12月29日(木)18時29分57秒
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My name is Ed Wooten.

I am a film-maker getting ready to begin production on our next bigger budget movie “SOME GO QUIETLY” (Bellmont Studios) for submission in the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.   It it set in, and will be filmed in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.  It is a horror/suspense movie with over 20 female vampires planned to be seen in one of the climactic shots of the film. We are definitely liking the look of your EURO 2 and EURO 4 masks.

We have a scene in the movie where a clone strain of vampire DNA is taken, and CLONE VAMPIRES are created.  We have a scene in the script where they all simultaneously step from the dark.  For this shot, we're going to require at least 19-20 masks that all look the same.  We've been doing a lot of shopping around, and have wanted to take a further look at your company.  I think at this point, your "EURO 4" would be perfect mask.

In the coming weeks of January-February we have a lot of prop/screen tests to perform to get
correct lighting for best look with the prosthetics, fangs, contact lenses, props, and of course the masks.  After seeing the quality of your masks, we've realized the sheer amount of money and time we can save if we just commissioned your company to help us along.

If you send us a sample mask, one of the Silicone masks, we will make a future purchase of at least 19 more, and your company will be listed in the credits of the film(which will get the name of your company out there) and an ad package (worth about $9,500.  US)  All supplied by Bellmont Studios.

We need something that will really stand out and represent the sexy Vampire feel.  Something innocent like in the picture attached.  We’re going for a VERY dark, yet sexy feel for the vampire clones.

If you could help us out with one sample mask, and the ability to sell us 19 more masks by April 2012,  we'd greatly appreciate it.  We're speeding up, and needing to get ready to go for screen-testing.

Thanks for your time and consideration.  Please write me back and let's do business!

-Edward Wooten-
604 Red Oak
O’Fallon, MO 63366




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