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Question about cutting neck of chest.

 投稿者:natoris  投稿日:2009年11月11日(水)09時35分54秒
  通報 返信・引用
  > Dear Natori,
> Finally I overcame Russian customs service and got
> the delivery. Thank you very much, the items are
> really exquisite.
> I've got only one question - how to attach chest to
> mask correctly, to avoid visible connection line as
> in your pictures?

1)Cut the Mask first. keep neck-part.
2)Wear Chest and mark your Jaw bottom with water-pen or pencil.
3)Take off the Chest.
3)Put the (mask)neck-part on the neck of Chest.
So you can draw exact same curve line of your mask`s edge on the neck of chest.

Draw line with water-pen. easy to clean after work.
I recommend you to draw line 1cm(1/2 inch) higher.
If the neck was higher, you can cut it again, but It`s not easy to make it longer after you cut shorter :(




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