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Re: Order of Euro 5

 投稿者:natoris  投稿日:2014年 8月 8日(金)15時13分41秒
  通報 返信・引用
  Hi Natori San,
I've been enjoying your mask and like you mentioned, the lips are very sensitive and some of the painting are worn out.
Do you have any suggestion what material will work best if I want to re-paint them?

Also, are glass eyes only available with full-head mask?
or is it possible to make/convert a full-head mask to half-mask version with glass eyes?

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

You can use common cosmetics.
but I recommend you to use powderly ones.
Oily ones gets debri after painting.
Please test with backside first.

Other Eyeballs are impossible for Euro5, cause they are built in the mask,


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